Emmylou MW is a makeup artist based in Scarborough, Ontario. She is very professional, easy-going, and can cater to what her clients need. An alumna of York University's bilingual Glendon campus, Emmy worked in the financial industry before pursuing her dream of becoming a makeup artist.

-Kett Cosmetics Beauty Airbrushing Class​
-The Powder Group- American Beauty Tour class with James Vincent​
-Complections International Makeup School

Sample of Clients/Credits:​
- "Top 20 Under 20" Public Service Announcement (Key Makeup Artist)
L'Oreal Fashion Week​
- Elmer Olsen Fashion Showcase (Assistant Makeup Artist)
Much Music​
- " Hotties Next Door" Intro Shots (Key Makeup Artist)​
- "August Rush" Promo (Key Makeup Artist)
- "With Love, Hilary Duff" perfume Promo (Key Makeup Artist)​
The Cable Shoppe​
- Corporate video in high-definition (Key Makeup Artist)
The Naked Emperor (concerts)​
- Makeup Artist for various performers
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